1995 Reunion - Coral Cay, Jamaica

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Jo-Jo Damian Damian Johnny George Ian Patrick Caroline Kayandra
Nigel Charmaine Richard Jay Tenyong Bev Terence and Jeana Camille Owen

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Additions to Hubert & Olive Chin's family between 1995 and 2001:

March 29, 1996BornRachel ChinFrome, Jamaica
June 10, 1996BornFrances Ileana Teresa LindoFlorida, USA
January 31, 1997BornJacqueline ChinMaryland, USA
August 27, 1998BornAngela ChinMaryland, USA
December 26, 1998BornAlyana Jade LevyFlorida, USA
January 20, 1999BornSuzette ChinNew York, USA
October 3, 1999BornNathan Wilson-TrappFlorida, USA
February 23, 2000BornTyler-Anne DecarishFlorida, USA
April 22, 2000MarriedRenee Avila to Leighton ChalmersCalifornia, USA
September 18, 2000MarriedNadine Brown to Nigel ChalmersCalifornia, USA